100kFactory is a new program developed by two of the most prominent names in the internet marketing world. Many programs don’t have actual results to show, but the two people who have created this program are renowned enough that their own personal success speaks for this product. Aidan Booth, a famous internet marketer who has over ten years of experience to his name, and Steve Clayton, a former Microsoft employee who knows the internet better than just about anyone else in the world. These people know internet marketing, and they’ve put together a course that tops just about anything out there. I had a chance to look into the program itself, and my findings have been posted below.

This program claims that it has tons of available content, and as it’s an expensive course, you’d expect it to have plenty of resources available for you. What this course has, is literally everything you’d need to get into the internet marketing world. You can’t get a more complete list of resources anywhere else on the internet. They call this program the 100kFactory, and they mean it. With the resources available in this course, as long as you utilize them, and take action, you’re going to see serious results.

Now, the point of this program is simply to help you make $100,000 per year. Sounds ridiculously difficult, right? They take a look at four types of websites and show you how to build them. When you learn how to utilize various types of traffic, making $100,000 sounds less and less difficult. While many programs teach you affiliate marketing, and others teach you how to bring in traffic with Adsense, this program shows you how to utilize not only those, but also email traffic and leads, and your own products or services.

By diversifying yourself into a few different kinds of websites, you’ll see that if you build a portfolio, making $100k doesn’t seem so far fetched. Aidan Booth claims to have made over 1,500 websites in his ten years of internet marketing, and has mastered the process by now, which he shares in this course.

One nice thing I enjoyed about this course was that they don’t just focus on one source of revenue, as I talked about a bit before in this post. By doing this, you don’t need to wait months, or even years for Adsense income to start trickling in. You can start with some advertisements, social media work, and eventually, your site will be making money from many different revenue streams.

There isn’t much else I can say about this course. I could spend 3,000 words writing about it, but I’d suggest taking a look at it yourself if you’re interested in acquiring one of the largest resources of content related to internet marketing on the whole web. If you utilize all of the information they provide in this course, there’s no way you can’t make money. This is a new addition to my marketing tool box.