Speed Blogging is a new plugin put together by Chris Record designed to make WordPress posting easier than ever. With the plugin being released very soon on June 1st, I had a chance to take a look at the plugin and test it out for myself. I’ll talk about how the plugin works below, and will give some insight into a few common questions about the plugin. Let’s begin by talking about how the plugin works.

Speed Blogging was designed to make WordPress posting a piece of cake. When you purchase this product, you install an extension to Google Chrome that pairs with a WordPress plugin, making it available to post anything to WordPress almost instantly. On a Youtube page and want to write a post about the video you’re watching? Click on the extension, write your post, and auto post it to your WordPress website, without even logging in. The plugin works smoothly, and can be helpful in a few different scenarios.

I would strongly recommend this plugin firstly to anyone who runs a news website. This completely changes the game. In a world where getting to news first, and posting news first can be the difference between thousands of page views, and hundreds to thousands of dollars, this plugin can help you to be the first on top of things. You don’t need to spend time logging in to WordPress. You don’t need to spend time pasting links to sources. You can find the news, report your opinion about it, post it, and share it on social media almost instantaneously.

I would say this plugin is most useful for news websites, but I’d also say it’s a must-have if you run a personal blog. Sharing things you find with your followers can be a long, tedious process. Logging into WordPress, copying the link, formatting a post title, and more can take time out of your day. For a mere $25, Speed Blogging allows you to share your findings instantly.

One additional thing this plugin will do is to help you get into Google news. Now that you’re able to share news as you browse the web, almost instantly, your website is going to be posting a lot more content. A huge factor of Google news is an active website. If you want to get approved, post actively for 30 days, and then see your traffic spike like crazy once you’re accepted.

I will warn you, do not just copy links and paste them onto your site. If you’re into reposting tons of links without giving any insight on them, try a blogging website like Tumblr instead. If you want to be on top of the latest news, and want to write blog posts about that news, give Speed Blogging a try. You won’t regret it for a measly $25. This is for sure a great addition to my marketing tool kit.