When you’re as busy as you are, dealing with the inconvenience of Taxis looks unprofessional and unorganized. Using Uber as a method of paid transportation is a much smarter & cheaper way to get from A to B. Uber is a ‘dial-a-ride’ type service, you download the app on your phone and schedule your next pick up. Download the app here: Uber for iPhones or If you have an android, download it here.

Uber Promotion Code

1. Taxis are Over Priced: My last 3 uber rides cost me a total of $20.28, when was the last time you spent less that $20.00 on even one cab ride? This was 3 Ubers. Don’t Believe me? Take a look at the screen shot I took of my Uber history to the right.


2. Cannot Schedule a Taxi: How many times have you had to stand out in front of a hotel, restaurant, or business office, waiting for a cab to drive by? Yeah I know, too many… With uber you can open the app, schedule a pickup, set the location you would like to be picked up from, and be notified when your uber has arrived. No nonsense.

3. During Busy Times, it’s hard to flag down a Taxi: I remember when I was in Seattle, I was sitting outside waiting for a Taxi for 45 minutes in the rain.. I moved under an awning to attempt to stay dry. My cab pulls up, and as i’m gathering my luggage, someone jumps in my cab that I had been ever so patient for. This is a thing of the past, uber drivers wait and find the person that scheduled to have them picked up. They don’t pick up just anyone.

4. Taxis Are Out Dated: Taxis are typically old school crown vic’s that used to be Highway Patrol cars, you never know what has gone down in that thing or what it’s been through. That Taxi’s Squeaking wheel in Downtown Los Angeles could be completely safe, or it couldn’t… You’ll never know… Just get an uber instead, save your self the scare.

To top all of this off, lets face it, if I’m ever hard up for a job, money, or just simply need something to do.. I would for sure end up signing up to be an Uber Driver. So with all of this being said, don’t you think it’s worth it to give Uber a shot? I’ll even give you an Uber Promotion Code for a Free Ride just to try it out, use coupon code ‘uberforfree55’. This coupon works for only new Uber users, so make sure you enter it in before you take your first ride.