Chris Record, a household name in the internet marketing industry has recently come forth with a new plugin. The plugin, WP Smart Member, is sure to be a hit due to the myriad of features it brings to the table. With the plugin set to be released at 13:00 EDT on June 15th of this year, I had a chance to get a sneak peek into what the plugin is going to be offering.

If I had to say one thing about this plugin, I’d say it’s the ultimate culmination of marketing tools I’ve ever seen. Luckily for you, I’m not just going to say one thing about WP Smart Member. I’m going to delve into the more noticeable features it provides, and analyze how they work and how they can be useful to you, the marketer. Let’s begin looking at the features of this plugin.

WP Smart Member Reviewed & Key Features

WP Smart Member Affiliate/Member Manager:

These are both separate features of WP Smart Member, but both play an integral role in managing any website. Gone are the times of having to manage all of your affiliates through an Excel document. Instead, you can do it in your WordPress admin panel. With the affiliate manager, you can see any information you’d need regarding your affiliates. Sales statistics, their Facebook profiles, any information about the person themselves, and more.

The member manager has a similar look to it, but allows you to keep track of different information. You can see how often a member has watched each module you present to them, what access level they have to your website, which products they’ve paid for, and more. You can also jot down any additional information on the members like contact information if you wish.

WP Smart Member JVZoo Approval Tool:

If you’re planning an affiliate launch in the near future, the JVZoo approval tool included with this plugin is a must have. Choosing the right affiliates is crucial to a great launch with any product. Sorting through the hundreds or thousands of affiliates that want to market your product can be a hassle though. That’s where this JVZoo approval tool comes in. You can set a prerequisite for tons of different settings. You might not want to pay people out of your home country, so you can set it so only people from your country can apply. You can also set things up so certain affiliates will be paid automatically, and others will have to wait for manual payment. If you plan on working with JVZoo on a product launch, this tool will make your life a lot easier.

WP Smart Member Simplified Support System:

Support is one of the hardest things when dealing with a product. People always have tons of questions, and answering them can take up a lot of time that you could spend marketing your product. WP Smart Member’s support system really helps with the process of dealing with customers. You can input answers for certain questions people may ask, and have those certain replies automated. If you haven’t already answered a certain question, when users submit a question, you can easily answer it and they will be notified immediately. You can do all of this in your WordPress admin panel. In addition, if you typically hire an assistant to answer questions, you can give them a separate login that only has access to this tool.

WP Smart Member offers So Much More

There’s a total of 32 separate modules I know of right now that will be released for WP Smart Member. Each module has unique features that will help bring your affiliate campaigns together. With this plugin, you can forget the rest. You no longer have to search for days to find all the perfect plugins and tools for your affiliate campaign. They’re all right here in this suite. If you’re launching a product in the near future, and want a plugin that can deal with every potential need you may have, there’s no better answer than WP Smart Member. This is most definitely going to be an integral part of my tool box.