Online Sales Pro Review

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So before we jump right in, and start dissecting what OSP is, what it’s used for, and my honest review–Let me give you some background I dug up about OSP.
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AirBNB Coupon Code

I’ve got an AirBNB Coupon Code for you

I’m a big fan of traveling, if it’s for Business, Vacation, whatever the case may me–I love to travel. Over the years i’ve stayed at Top of the 5 Star top of the line hotels, all the way to down to $50 over night deals due to being stuck in the snow. Then i’ve used AirBNB’s rental service, which is by far what I will be doing from now on.
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Uber Promotion Code

When you’re as busy as you are, dealing with the inconvenience of Taxis looks unprofessional and unorganized. Using Uber as a method of paid transportation is a much smarter & cheaper way to get from A to B. Uber is a ‘dial-a-ride’ type service, you download the app on your phone and schedule your next pick up. Read more

Speed Blogging Review

Speed Blogging is a new plugin put together by Chris Record designed to make WordPress posting easier than ever. With the plugin being released very soon on June 1st, I had a chance to take a look at the plugin and test it out for myself. I’ll talk about how the plugin works below, and will give some insight into a few common questions about the plugin. Let’s begin by talking about how the plugin works. Read more

100k Factory Review

100kFactory is a new program developed by two of the most prominent names in the internet marketing world. Many programs don’t have actual results to show, but the two people who have created this program are renowned enough that their own personal success speaks for this product. Aidan Booth, a famous internet marketer who has over ten years of experience to his name, and Steve Clayton, a former Microsoft employee who knows the internet better than just about anyone else in the world. These people know internet marketing, and they’ve put together a course that tops just about anything out there. I had a chance to look into the program itself, and my findings have been posted below.
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Viddify Review

If you haven’t heard of it already, Viddify is going to change the way video marketing is done throughout the world. In this quick review, I’ll tell you exactly how it’s going to change video marketing, and how Viddify is going to do it. Before we begin with the actual review, I’ll talk about what Viddify is, and how you can get it if you’re interested. Enough blabbering now: let’s get on with the review.
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WP Smart Member Review

Chris Record, a household name in the internet marketing industry has recently come forth with a new plugin. The plugin, WP Smart Member, is sure to be a hit due to the myriad of features it brings to the table. With the plugin set to be released at 13:00 EDT on June 15th of this year, I had a chance to get a sneak peek into what the plugin is going to be offering. Read more

Zapable Review

Zapable is an Application (App) building software on steroids, and requires very little knowledge of how to use a computer. Zapable can build, maintain, and launch your personally developed apps all from a cloud based service.
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